Hello, my name is Austin Robey.

I am passionate about mobilizing people and ideas together to bring creative projects to life.

I am interested in multidisciplinary and multimedia approaches to problem solving.

I am inspired by the intersection of the digital & physical, design & technology.


3D Design

Timothy Goodman

I have worked with graphic designer, illustrator, and art director, Timothy Goodman on a variety of projects translating two dimensional artwork and illustrations into tangible, 3d printed objects for photographing.  Clients included Fast Company and Esquire Magazine.

Advertising Projects

Client: Fisher Price
Agency: 360i

The #MOMMYs are six toy-like trophies that honor moms for milestones that babies go through in their development. Each award was 3D printed and photographed for social media, where people nominated moms by tagging them to the posts.  I managed the design and production of these pieces and ensured the creative vision of the client was properly reflected in the final products.  The result was the best performing social campaign for Fisher Price.

Sweet Me Time
Client: Nestle
Agency: 360i

I managed production of three accessories for Skinny Cow ice cream for a photoshoot, with 50 additional made as giveaways.  I worked with designer, Fleet Hower, to translate a deck into a series functional pieces used for Skinny Cow’s Sweet Me Time campaign. Nestle executives liked these quite a bit and requested more for their corporate retreat.  Timeline: 2 weeks

Hula Dolls
Client: AutoTrader
Agency: 360i

Make Mode teamed up with designer Fleet Hower to design and produce a set of 3d printed hula dolls for AutoTrader’s all digital campaign.  Each hula doll was customized to be a likeness of an influencer and shared via social channels. Over a dozen custom figurines were created in 3 weeks.

Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design
Pamela Love

While at Pamela Love, I used a range of digital design tools including Rhinoceros, Maya, and Zbrush to create a wide range of jewlery pieces including necklaces, cuffs, rings, breastplates, and bangles.  All designs were 3d printed in wax and then cast in metal.  Stockists include Bergdorf Goodman, Saks 5th Avenue, and Barneys.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design
Studio Bitonti

Dita’s Gown is the world’s first fully articulated 3d printed dress, exhibited in the Museum of Art and Design in New York and the Museum of Fine Art, Boston.  I prepared the digital file for 3d printing in parts and created instructions for assembly.  The Everything Forever Belt is designed in Maya and 3D printed in steel. Through prototyping and iterating, I engineered the belt hardware for production-ready functionality.

Architectural Visualization

Product Design

3D Emoji
Make Mode

I created an original product line of 24 custom designed and printed emoji.  These highly customizable products were produced on demand and frequently were branded for event giveaways.  I sold 5,000+ units through various channels with no paid marketing.

Biggie Bank.  Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Notorious P.I.G.  A friend and I came up with this idea and I decided to make it.

I designed a set of NYC neighborhood iPhone cases.  This is the “Chelsea” case.

Custom wall-mounted keyholder:  Modeled in Maya and 3D printed in black PLA plastic.

Misc Stuff

Bowtie I designed and fabricated for Public School NYC.  Worn by Carmelo Anthony at the Met Gala.  Nas got a white one.

3D Printed and fabricated custom typography for a Montefiore commercial.  Printed in black ABS plastic with acrylic supports.

Cover design for Woman’s Day Magazine 80th birthday issue made from custom made 3d printed cookie cutters.

What People Are Saying About Me

“Austin is making a ruckus.” – Seth Godin, best selling author

“When Austin says he is going to do something, you know he’s actually going to do it.” – Kristi, Austin’s roommate

More About Me

  • I studied architecture, but I don’t think architecture is very different from fashion design, or marketing. We are all in the business of telling stories.
  • I believe that the best creative outputs result from thoughtful, collaborative, and iterative processes.
  • I don’t say “that’s impossible.”
  • I believe that obstacles can present unexpected and exciting new opportunities.
  • I am confident about making decisions, but value humility. I solicit criticism and think there is something to learn from everyone.
  • My favorite celebrity is Gordon Ramsay.

Clients I’ve Done Work For


Google, Public School NYC, Rag & Bone, Refinery 29, YouTube, Amazon, MAC Cosmetics, CBS, MTV, Fusion, AOL, GoDaddy, American Express, Urban Outfitters, Macys, GILT, PayPal, MoMa, Milk Studios, Bloomberg, Delta Air Lines, Woman’s Day Magazine, Esquire Magazine, Fast Company

Agencies & Creatives

360i, MKG, Mirrorball, Havas Worldwide, Big Spaceship, Good Sense and Co, Droga5, Critical Mass, Huge, Publicis.Sapient, Magnetic, Kantar, Invisible North, Partners + Napier, Interbrand, The 88, Studio Bitonti, Sagmeister & Walsh, Timothy Goodman

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